The Course

Our golf course is located on the Costa Blanca

  • Our golf club is located just 5 minutes from Altea and 15 minutes from Benidorm and Calpe.
  • Between the sea and the mountain 9 unique holes with a varied design that make the game more fun.
  • We have driving range and golf school with experienced teachers and many years of experience.
  • You will find playmates of various nationalities.



Hole 1

Par 4 - Hcp 16

- 289 - 269

A simple hole to start the round, short and suitable for all levels.

Its difficulty lies in its 5 bunkers and the boundary along the whole of the right-hand side of the hole.

Players must stay on the left-hand side of the fairway to attack a small green with two platforms.


Hole 2

Par 3 - Hcp 14

- 120 - 109

40 metres shorter than before, this makes a par 3 that is more achievable for all players.

A small high green protected by two bunkers at the front, the area out of bounds behind and to the right and side water to the left.


Hole 3

Par 4 - Hcp 2

- 367 - 344

A new, extremely difficult par 4.

A narrow fairway with a dog-leg to the right, bordered by side water to the left and area out of bounds to the right.

Two very precise strokes are needed to reach a narrow green well protected by 1 bunker at the approach and another to the rear.


Hole 4

Par 3 - Hcp 6

- 156 - 121

New par 3. Slightly elevated tee with a bunker at the front and area out of bounds to the right and behind the green.

Of medium difficulty, although the wind might make it more complicated, particularly when it is blowing against. Medium and gentle green.


Hole 5

Par 5 - Hcp 4

- 432 - 374

120 metres shorter than the former and interminable 5.

A good drive to the left allows the boldest to reach the green in 2 strokes, as long as the dog-leg to the right does not get in the way.

Of medium difficulty with a boundary to the right and a sloping green protected by 2 bunkers.


Hole 6

Par 4 - Hcp 18

- 230 - 205

New par 4.

A recovery hole with a climbing fairway and a large front bunker protecting the green from the players trying to reach it in 1 stroke.

Beware of going out of bounds on the right, left and rear. A fast green with several slopes.


Hole 7

Par 4 - Hcp 10

- 299 - 282

A new tee further back than it was before obliges players to be conservative in their tee drive.

It is important to beware of the area out of bounds to the right. High, narrow green with two platforms.

Its elevated tee offers impressive views of the Sierra Aitana.


Hole 8

Par 5 - Hcp 8

- 427 - 377

New recovery par 5.

A good tee drive allows the green to be reached in two strokes provided the dog-leg to the left is not an obstacle. A slightly elevated green with gentle slopes and protected by a bunker to the right.

A very high tee gives magnificent panoramic views of the course and of Altea.


Hole 9

Par 4 - Hcp 12

- 296 - 280

The new tee facing the right of the fairway gives a slight dog-leg to the left. Trees on both sides. High, narrow and sloping green protected by 2 bunkers at the front.

Apparently simple, this hole gives a lot of players a bad time.


Hole 10

Par 4 - Hcp 15

257 - 244 -

Short recovery par 4.

For the braver players, 4 new bunkers have been built to the right of the fairway, protecting the approach to the green.


Hole 11

Par 3 - Hcp 9

150 - 133 -

30 metres longer than the 2nd hole.

Players need at least 3 more clubs to be able to reach a small, well-protected green.


Hole 12

Par 5 - Hcp 7

434 - 396 -

A narrow fairway dog-legging to the right, side water on the left and out of bounds on the right, a challenge for any player.

Apply a conservative strategy. There is a chance of a birdie if a risk is taken, but a double or triple bogey if not successful.

Spectacular views of the Mediterranean.


Hole 13

Par 4 - Hcp 17

260 - 213 -

A recovery hole. The bravest can try to reach the green in 1 stroke, but can easily go out of bounds to the right and behind the green. A small green protected by a large bunker.

Its high tee gives good views over Altea Bay.


Hole 14

Par 5 - Hcp 1

510 - 438 -

A long, climbing, very difficult par 5.

Failing either of the first 2 strokes before the dog-leg will punish the player with an extra stroke or two.

A high, sloping green protected by 2 front bunkers. Undoubtedly handicap 1.


Hole 15

Par 3 - Hcp 5

179 - 150 -

45 metres shorter than its predecessor, it is still the most difficult par 3 on the course and one of the most difficult of the whole of the Costa Blanca.

A high, narrow green, displaced with a front bunker and surrounded by areas out of bounds.

In the event of a bad result, it can be compensated with marvellous views of the sea and the Sierra Bernia.


Hole 16

Par 4 - Hcp 13

292 - 272 -

A high tee protected by a screen of trees to the right. With a narrow and precise tee drive, it is best to use an iron.

Dog-leg to the right with a high, narrow and displaced green protected by two bunkers at the front and out of bounds behind.


Hole 17

Par 4 - Hcp 3

366 - 322 -

35 metres shorter than its predecessor, this par 4 is still the most emblematic hole on the course.

Very demanding on the players with trees to the right and a dog-leg 100 metres before a green with two platforms, protected by a bunker to the right.


Hole 18

Par 4 - Hcp 11

333 - 296 -

A tee facing the left of the fairway causes a slight dog-leg to the right. Trees on either side. A small green protected by 2 bunkers.

A final hole that is more complicated than it seems, giving more problems than joys. Few birdies and many bogies.

Local Rules

  • RFEG and local rules apply.
  • Marking.
    Out of bounds: this is defined by white poles and the course enclousure.
    Front water: yellow poles.
    Side water: red poles.
    Course under repair: blue poles.
    Dropping compulsory.
  • Cables. If a ball hits the electric cables crossing the course, the shot must be taken again.
  • Stones in bunkers. These may be removed without penalty. R-24-1.
  • Others. See club boards.