the 1st LeClub Tournament

On sunday June, 12th, we celebrated the 1st LeClub Tournament, company that sponsored the event and colaborates to promote our course. The atmosphere was great and we will show you the results of the day. Christina McKeag and Juan Amaya were the winners that will represent us in the National Tournament, to hope they win to participate in the International event at the end of the year. Good Luck. Most of the players during the prize giving received different gifts from the sponsor, green fees, hotel rooms and golf products.

1st Category

1LV03034292Amaya Gamiz, Juan Antonio100M2837
2LV03426563Sutton, Gary9,90M2834
3LV04428436Roles, Alan Charles10,10M2830
4LV03429762Jorgensen, Hilde10,10F21129
5LV03054041Maki, Takao11,30M2926
6LV03160040Marti Climent, Javier10,60M2825
LV03216016Torres López, Alvaro Antonio13,30M31125
8LV03365206Alvado Borja, Juan Miguel9,40M2722

2nd Category

1LV15265303Mckeag, Christina17,60F31933
2LV03788629Fraga Faraldo, Francisco20,40M41931
3LV03399136Moores, Stephen17,60M31630
LV03326647Lopez Lopez, Luis18,90M41730
LV00814431García Orts, Alejandro20,60M41930
LV03151423Toivanen, Eija22,30F42530
7LV03425729Darragh, Paul15,90M31428
LV03383572Harms, Thomas16,20M31428
9LV03415761Otranto Lavignasse, Jorge21,60M42027
LV03315580Scharning, Bjorn20,90M42027
11LV03838351Harms-Bohlmann, Marion16,60F31825
12LV03100544Van der Ploeg, Eva16,20F31824
13LV15238963Soria Bayona, Francisca34,30F53723
14LV03313340Lyoth, Ursula26,40F43022
LV03171855De Kort van Beurden, Johana30,20F53422