The GOLDEN Golf Rules of our Club.

  • Respect the instructions of the information board, rules for using Buggies and trolleys as well as temporary interdictions.
    Please also respect the golf course while driving over the fairways and follow the signs placed though the course, in order to avoid damage of the course.
  • Repair Pitch marks on the green. You should always have a pitch fork and a marker in your pocket, and the course Marshall may ask you to show them.
  • Replace divots on the Fairways and refill divots on the Tees, please use the sand in baskets on the Tees.
    The sand baskets should not be used to put trash, or cigarettes.
  • Rake the Bunkers if you have visited them.
  • No Practice swing(s) on the tee box area(s).
  • Don't access the course without the caddy masters authorization.
  • Respect the following order of priority: 2 Ball, 3 Ball, 4 Ball, 1 Ball.
    When a flight is just behind you, just let them go through.
  • Flights with more than 4 players are strictly forbidden.
  • Respect the dress code (jeans, short shorts, T-shirts are forbidden. soft spikes are compulsory.)
  • Mobile phones must be switched off on the course.

Breach of these rules will lead to dismissal from the Golf course.

We like to thank you for your understanding and like to emphasize that when we keep the rules in our mind and look after our course together we all will enjoy the golf game even more.