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Bodywise Pilates with Sally Nollan

Helping you take care of your body.
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Bodywise Pilates has been developed from a solid advanced level of training with STOTT Pilates and is firmly rooted in the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. The original Pilates exercises were devised from a mixture of body building, gymnastics and yoga to produce an exercise regime which moved the body in the most natural, efficient and pain freeway. These original exercises form the base of Bodywise Pilates with the added benefit of some adaptations through the application of modern’s science and knowledge about the body.

I have 28 years of varied & worldwide experience in the Health & Fitness industry however, 15 years ago in London I started on my Pilates voyage which is where my passion truly lies.

My group classes are always varied, motivating and most important safe . all my classes cater for mixed abilities & for both men and women of all ages. I always ask that you inform me of any infuries or physical problems before the class so I can adapt exercises as required to suit your needs. Private individual and small group classes are also available.

I like to work with Pilates both in its pure mat form and also using soft equipment such as the Stability Ball, Flex-band, toning balls, Fitness Circle & softball. All of which are wonderful tools for challenging strengte, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.

Enjoy life to the full with a strong & flexible body. Join me for Pilates at Altea Golf Club. Pre-booking for classes is essential as class numbers are limited, for bookings and further information contact Sally:

Telephone / Whatsapp: 608 373 530

Email: salypilates@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://es-la.facebook.com/alteapilates/