Altea is a municipality of Valencia, Spain. Located in the province of Alicante, in the district of Marina Baixa. It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, north of Benidorm and south of Calpe.

Its streets slowly descend to the sea, and small-town small houses, whitewashed since its construction, make Altea the ideal place for the holiday break and for the withdrawal of many retirees. But there is also a significant young population in Altea since the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University Miguel Hernandez is.

At the sea is its fishing port and marina, better known as Club Nautico de Altea. Very close to this point is the promenade, recently expanding, extending from the port to the old fishing village, with its many shops, cafes and restaurants with summer terraces. It is also popular with its street market.

Altea has the honor of being qualified by important personalities (artists, politicians, singers, etc.) as one of the most beautiful towns on the Costa Blanca, and of Spain in general.

The name of Altea Althaia could come from Greek, meaning "I cure" or the Arabic word attaláya resulting in Valencian word Talaia. We found vestiges in the term of Iberians and Romans.

From the Mascarat point and lying in a bay, Altea nestles between the mountains and the sea, giving an almost symbolic image of the Costa Blanca. With the blue and white dome of its Perish Church, the village spreads atop a hill that drops into the Mediterranean itself. Small and beautiful coves and beaches follow each other along a coastline filled with the same white charm as thar of its urban area.

Small and beautiful coves and beaches extend along a littoral riddled with the same captivating white charm held by the town.

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